Info for Prospective Students

HPS is unique in that it offers an interdisciplinary approach to the modern sciences, focusing on their history and their philosophy, which includes their methodology, intellectual, ethical and social aspects, and the ramifications that the sciences have in all fields of human endeavor. 

Our department is small, so we're able to provide an extraordinary level of interaction, often person to person, with undergraduates The advisors and Directors of Undergraduate Studies can see students and address their concerns very quickly, and our faculty members pride themselves on assisting our undergraduates in their decision making and orientation process.

The History and Philosophy of Science major was not something I had even heard of before coming to Pitt. Pitt’s ranking as the #1 University worldwide for philosophy—and the absolute willingness of faculty to help me craft research projects and papers for publication—presented the perfect environment to explore the intersection of philosophy and science. My interdisciplinary experiences expanded again when I conducted a research investigation in Valladolid, Mexico, under the guidance of Karen Goldman, research associate in the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures. Working through the Center for Latin American Studies, I spent an entire summer examining medical practices in Mayan communities, comparing the philosophical motivations of Mayan medicine versus Western medicine.

-Varun Mandi
(History and Philosophy of Science and Biology majors)

For more information about our department, or to schedule a visit or tour, please contact the Dietrich School's Manager of Undergraduate Recruitment, Nicole Horvath, at