Reading Groups

List of Reading Groups (Fall 2022)

Feminist Reading Group
Time: Friday, 1:00 - 2:30pm EST - CL 317
Organizer: Stephen Perry (
Description: We are a feminist philosophy reading group with special interest in Pittsburgh-area philosophers and philosophy of science.

Greek Reading Group
Time: Weekly 7-9 pm EST - CL 1008A
Organizer: Sara Magrin,
Description: Translation and discussion of Book 2 of Aristotle's Politics
History and Philosophy of Aesthetics (HPA)
Time:  TBA
Organizers: James McCord ( & (Joshua Kramer (
Description: HPA is a forum for investigation of the points of contact between aesthetics and broader philosophy. We devote time both to historical texts and to contemporary work, looking to turn up systematic contributions or illuminating vantages in aesthetics for theoretical and practical philosophy at large.
History and Philosophy of Math
Time: Tuesdays, 4:45-6:30pm EST - CL 1008A
Organizer: Stephen Perry,
Description: In this reading group, we read and discuss papers and books broadly ranging over the history of math and the philosophy of math, both classic/foundational papers and more contemporary works, including sometimes work being done by participants in the reading group.
Kant Reading Group
Time: Occasional Fridays at 4 p.m. EST - CL G16
Organizer: Thomas Pendlebury,
Description: The Kant Reading Group discusses recent work on Kant’s critical philosophy.
Mind and Brain Reading GroupTime: Biweekly, Wedensdays 5-6pm (EST)Organizers: JP Gamboa ( and Nuhu Osman Attah ( We discuss readings in philosophy of cognitive science and philosophy of neuroscience. Both scientists and philosophers are welcome.
Philosophy of Physics
Time: Every second Friday beginning 9/9, 1:40pm-3:10pm, CL 229
Organizer: David Wallace,
Description: We will read a range of papers and books across different topics in philosophy of contemporary physics, according to class interest.
Pleasure Reading Group
Time: Biweekly, Fridays 1-3pm EST - CL 218
Organizer: Vivian Feldblyum,
Description: The pleasure reading group discusses papers at the intersection of philosophy of mind and value theory on the concepts of pleasure and pain. This includes influential views from throughout the history of philosophy such as Kant, Aristotle, and Mill, as well as contemporary accounts in the current literature.Department members organize and participate in a variety of ad hoc reading groups.

Polysemy Reading Group
Thursdays at 4pm
Organizer: Alnica Visser,
Description: The polysemy reading group meets to discuss papers that address the topic of polysemy, as it is treated in a variety of interrelated fields, including linguistics, philosophy, lexicography, and psychology. We are especially interested in how polysemy is represented in cognition and how it shows up in language.
Words Workshop
Time: Fridays 11am-12:30pm
Organizer: Nikki Ernst,
Description: The “Words Workshop” is an international online discussion group dedicated to socially & politically engaged philosophy of language. We’re meeting weekly via Zoom to discuss current papers or works-in-progress with their respective authors. Our members and our guests range from students to senior faculty, and we’re based at various Universities in Europe, North America, and all over the place. If you’re interested in joining us or if you want to contribute a text for discussion, please feel free to get in touch, or just subscribe to this mailing list to receive readings and Zoom invitations.