Caitlin Mace

My current interests are primarily in philosophy of neuroscience and neurobiology, such as issues regarding reduction and explanation.  I am especially interested in theoretical problem-solving that researchers working in these areas also consider important, such as, for example, understanding the form and function of neuronal ensembles.

Aside from this focus, I am interested in related areas of philosophy of science—like philosophy in biology, philosophy of medicine, and philosophy of cognitive science--and work on some issues in general philosophy—for example, philosophy of memory and know-how.

Before coming to Pitt, I earned a B.A. in psychology with a minor in ethics and values from what is now Cal Poly Humboldt and an M.A. in philosophy from California State Univerity, Long Beach. My thesis work at CSU, Long Beach examined ruthless reductionist and new mechanist characterizations of neuroscience through a case study on optogenetics research on memory engrams.