Alumni Lecture Speakers

2022 Gualtiero Piccinini 

2021 no lecture (pandemic)

2020 Gualtiero Piccinini (canceled due to pandemic)

2019 James Tabery (U of Utah) -- "ALL OF US Should Be Concerned: What History Says We Should Expect from the Largest Medical Study in the Nation's History"

2018 Jackie Sullivan (Western U) -- "Translational Cognitive Neuroscience: How Can We Learn from Animals?

2017 Holly Andersen (Simon Fraser U) -- “Causation and Laplace’s Pattern”

2016 Wendy Parker (Durham U) -- "Explaining the global warming "hiatus": models, measurements and media"

2015 Alan Love (U of Minnesota) -- "Individuation, Individuality, and Experimental Practice in Developmental Biology"

2014 Timothy Maudlin (New York U) -- "Topology and the Structure of Space-Time"

2013 Michael Janssen (U of Minnesota) -- "Arches and Scaffoldings: Continuity and Discontinuity in Building Relativity and Quantum Theory"

2012 Andrea Scarantino (Georgia State U) -- "Basic Emotion Theory:   the Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

2011 Daniel Steel (Michigan State U) -- "Robust Decision Making and the Dilemma Objection to the Precautionary Principle"

2010 Andrea Woody (U of Washington) -- "Attention to Practice: Models, Molecules, and Making Sense"

2009 [no lecture]

2008 Christopher Smeenk (U of Toronto) -- "The Cosmological Constant Problem"

2007 Carl Craver (Wash U St. Louis) -- "When Mechanistic Models explain:  The Hodgkin and Huxley Model of Action Potential"

2006 Robert Pennock (Michigan State U) -- "Models, Simulations, Instantiations and Evidence:  The Case of Digital Evolution"

2004 Rachel Ankeny (U of Sydney) -- "Reasoning from the Case Book:  What Do Cases in the Biomedical Sciences Explain?"

2003 ??

2002 Spranzi Zuber (U de Versailles) --- "The Uses and Abuses of Analogical Reasoning:  The Case of Galileo and the Mountains of the Moon"

2001 Madeline Muntersbjorn (U Toledo) -- "Mirrors, Machines and Bacon's Bees"

1999-2000 ??

1998 Kathleen Okruhlik (U Western Ontario) -- "The Life and Death of the Cartesian Subject"

1997 Warren Schmaus (Illinois Institute of Technology) -- "Meaning and Representation in the Social Sciences"

1995 (Oct) Sandra Mitchell (UC San Diego) -- "Biological complexity and Theoretical Plurality"

1995 (Jan) James Hofmann (CSU Fullerton) -- "Data, Phenomena, and Evolutionary Hierarchy: A New Twist on the Evolution/Creation Debate"

1992 John McEvoy (U of Cincinnati) -- "The Enlightenment and the Chemical Revolution: A Contextual Model  of Scientific Change"

[date unk.] John Nicholas (U Western Ontario) [title unk.]