University of Pittsburgh
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James G. Lennox

Professor and Placement Director

1017 CL
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Research specialties: Ancient Greek philosophy and science, William Harvey, Darwin, and Darwinism. Published widely on history and philosophy of biology focused on scientific inquiry and explanation in historical context.


PhD, philosophy, University of Toronto, 1978

Selected Courses Taught

19th Century Philosophy of Science

Darwin's Origin

Aristotle's Conception of Natural Science

Selected Publications

"Aristotle on Mind and the Science of Nature," in M. Rossetto, M. Tsianikas, G. Couvalis and M. Palaktsoglou, eds. Greek Research in Australia: Proceedings of the Eighth Biennial International Conference of Greek Studies, Flinders University June 2009, Flinders University Department of Languages - Modern Greek: Adelaide, pp. 1-18

"De caelo II 2 and its Debt to De Incessu Animalium," in Alan C.Bowen and Christian Wildberg, eds., New Perspectives on Aristotle’s De Caelo (Philosophia Antiqua Vol. 117), Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2009, pp. 147-214

"Bios, Praxis and the Unity of Life," Sabine Föllinger, ed. Aristotele: Was ist 'Leben'? Aristoteles' Anschauungen zur Entstehungsweise und Funktion von Leben, Akten der Tagung vom 23.-26. August 2006 in Bamberg, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag 2009, pp. 239-259

"Form, Essence, and Explanation in Aristotle's Biology," chapter 22 in Georgios Anagnostopoulos, ed. A Companion to Aristotle, London: Blackwell Publishing, 2009, pp. 348-67

"Darwinism and Neo-Darwinism," chapter 5, in Sahotra Sarkar and Anya Plutynski, eds., A Companion to Philosophy of Biology, London: Blackwell, 2008

"'As if we were investigating snubness': Aristotle on the prospects for a single science of nature," Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 2008 (Vol. XXXV), pp. 149-18

"The Comparative Study of Animal Development: William Harvey's Aristotelianism," in Justin Smith, ed., The Problem of Animal Generation in Modern Philosophy, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006, pp. 21-46

"The Place of Zoology in Aristotle's Natural Philosophy," in R. W. Sharples, ed., Philosophy and the Sciences in Antiquity, London: Ashgate, 2004, pp. 58-70

Aristotle's Philosophy of Biology (Cambridge, 2001)

Aristotle on the Parts of Animals I-IV (Oxford, 2001)

Coeditor, Concepts, Theories, and Rationality in the Biological Sciences (Pittsburgh and Konstanz, 1995)

Coeditor, Self-Motion from Aristotle to Newton (Princeton, 1995)

Coeditor, Philosophical Issues in Aristotle's Biology (Cambridge, 1987)

Professional Memberships

• International Society for History of Philosophy of Science, member, chair of nominating committee

• International Society for History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology

• Philosophy of Science Association

• History of Science Society

Personal Interests

• Running, cycling, and kayaking

• Cooking and wine