J. E. McGuire

  • Emeritus Faculty, Professor of History and Philosophy of Science

Among McGuire's research interests are issues of time, temporality, and historicity in the development of early modern thought. He wrote Descartes’s Changing Mind with Peter Machamer (Princeton University Press, 2009) and is completing a book-length study of Aristotle's modal theories with James Bogen. McGuire is continuing a research project concerned with the commentary tradition on Aristotle's thought. He also has further studies of Newton in various stages of development. Recently, McGuire completed a lengthy study of the main transition points in the development of the philosophy of science during the 20th century, to be published in Portuguese. He was elected, for 2011, to the Sarton Chair and the medal award at Ghent University, Belgium.

Recent Course Taught

The Development of Descartes' Thought (taught with Peter Machamer), spring 2010.

Representative Publications

Descartes’s Changing Mind, Princeton University Press, 2009, with Peter Machamer (17th-best-selling philosophy book in 2009, according to libraryjournal.com.)

"A Dialogue with Descartes: Newton's Ontology of True and Immutable Natures" Journal of the History of Philosophy, 1 (2007) 174-200.

"Newton's Ontology of Omnipresence and Infinite Space" Forthcoming in Oxford Studies in 17th Century Thought, with Edward Slowik.