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Secondary, Affiliated, and Adjunct Faculty

Wayne Wu
Associate Professor and Associate Director of The Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, Carnegie Mellon University
Steve Awodey
Professor, Department of Philosophy, Carnegie Mellon
Robert Batterman
Professor of Philosophy
Jim Bogen
Adjunct Professor
David Danks
L.L. Thurstone Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, Carnegie Mellon
Clark Glymour
Alumni University Professor, Department of Philosophy, Carnegie Mellon
Anil Gupta
Alan Ross Anderson Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
Nicholas Rescher
Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy
Richard Scheines
Dean, Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences, Carnegie Mellon
Teddy Seidenfeld
University Professor of Philosophy and Statistics, Carnegie Mellon
Peter Spirtes
Professor of Philosophy, Carnegie Mellon
Mark Wilson
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy