Daniel A. Wilkenfeld

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate

Daniel received his PhD in 2013 from The Ohio State University. Since then he has held numerous teaching and postdoc positions, generally focusing on explanation or understanding in some guise or other. His publications include both empirical and purely analytic work. Lately he has also been focused on bioethics and disability rights.

Representative Publications

(Forthcoming) Wilkenfeld, Daniel A. “Living with Autism: Quus-ing in a Plus-ers World.” Res Philosophica.

(Forthcoming) Wilkenfeld, Daniel A., and Tania Lombrozo. “Explanation Classification Depends on Understanding: Extending the Epistemic Side-Effect Effect.” Synthese.

(2019) Wilkenfeld, Daniel A. “Understanding as Compression.” Philosophical Studies: 176: 2807-2831. 

(2018) Wilkenfeld, Daniel A., Dillon Plunkett, and Tania Lombrozo. “Folk Attributions of Understanding: Is There a Role for Epistemic Luck?” Episteme15 (1): 24-49. 

(2017) Wilkenfeld, Daniel A. “MUDdy Understanding.” Synthese 194 (4): 1273–93.